About Us

DIKUBA LAW FIRM is a firm of smart and leading lawyers with diverse legal experience. We offer a full business legal service to our clients.

Knowing how our clients’ business work and understanding what drives their industries is fundamental to us. Our lawyers share industry knowledge and sector expertise across the country enabling us to support our clients anywhere in Cameroon.

We have a successful track record of advising in relation to projects in Cameroon and across the border due in part to the understanding we bring to every aspect of a transaction.

Drawing on the support, where necessary, of a valuable network of very reliable external collaborators. We provide clients with access to a full legal service, blending the team’s knowledge and experience of the local market with the ability to both advise on Common law issues, and Civil law expertise which often underpins local law.

Excellent performance

92% success in average in the various processes managed


20 Years of Expertise & Legal Experience

We’re committed to success & genuine provider of all types of legal Services.